Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Classes Resume, and So Does White Collar


It’s the first day of the spring semester, and I have to say that I’m already re-thinking the wisdom of carrying 18 hours.  Three of my six classes met today, and there is a lot of reading and writing.  In those classes alone, I count 25 separate legal-type papers (case briefs, complaints, memorandums, etc.) that have to be completed.  That’s not counting the associated reading to go with those assignments, random quizzes, or the six exams.  And that’s half my classes.  Yes, seriously re-thinking.

I’m trying not to panic just yet, as I know that I’m just incredibly tired right now.  Not only did I not go to bed early enough last night, but due to the start of the semester, student groups had membership tables set up in the student center this morning, so I had to leave home about 9:00am this morning.  I strolled back in the door here at home about 9:00pm.  Long first day.  Back in my working days, twelve or fourteen hour days were routine, but it’s a routine I’ve been out of for quite a while now, and I am beat.

On the upside, though, as I was driving home, I got an alert from a TV app thawhite collar returnst a new episode of White Collar would be starting soon.  That made me very happy.  Not that I had forgotten the season premiere; I’ve been counting the days for . . . well, a long time.  But, what somehow had not dawned on me was that the time slot has changed.  See, last season, it was on at eight, so I was always in class when it aired, and I had resigned myself to another whole semester of DVR time delay viewing.  I was so, so happy to realize I’d be able to watch live!

I would give you at least a brief review, but the truth is my exhaustion prevented me from fully enjoying it, so it wouldn’t be fair to try to give much of a recounting.  I will say that there were some nice moments that even got through the haze in my brain, and I’m looking forward to re-watching it, probably Friday (my free day).  But, exhausted or not, I’m glad it’s finally returned.  I go into withdrawal when I have to go too long without Peter and Neal.

One last very brief—and unrelated—television note:  Last night was the premiere of The Following with Kevin Bacon.   Again, no real review, because I didn’t get to watch it until late last night (one of the reasons I didn’t get enough sleep), and I was multi-tasking during the viewing, getting some last minute things ready for today.  In other words, it was not getting close to my full attention.  However, I’ll say that it does look very interesting, and I’ll be tuning in for more (as well as re-watching this episode again).  And it wasn’t as creepy as I feared it might be, though it was more gruesome than I was hoping it would be.  We’ll see if that’s a fair trade-off.  But, I’ll also say that I was hoping it would be more gripping—like something that grabbed my attention so fully, I wouldn’t even be able to think about multi-tasking while it was on.  Sort of like season one of 24, or something.  I’m sad to report it wasn’t that.  We’ll see how it develops.

And that’s it for tonight, dear folks.  I am going to hit publish and then hit the hay.