Monday, September 24, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #8


I have to admit, I was this close to just going to bed without posting tonight.  It’s been kind of a long day, and I haven’t gotten nearly everything done that needed to be done.  (Primarily, a boatload of reading that simply must be completed before I head off to class Thursday afternoon.) 

I spent a few hours this afternoon/evening dealing with my granny, another trip to the ER, and then getting her settled back at home again.  Thankfully, she is back home again, which means she’s much better than she was when the ambulance carted her off to the hospital, but it’s still pretty draining.

Still, I’ve been posting every day now for about four months or so, and likely going to participate in another challenge next month, so I sort of hate to break the streak now.  So, being the end of the weekend, let’s get the Snapshot Sunday started, shall we?

First, linking up with Chantelle, over at Fat Mum Slim for the Photo A Day challenge.  Incidentally, it will be a brand new month soon; if taking pictures every day sounds like fun to you, I’d encourage you to check out the challenge. 

16.  Strange


  Prompt:  Strange.   This little frog is clinging to the outside of my living room window.  They do it a lot.  Most people don’t think it’s as strange as I do, but it sort of creeps me out, seeing their slimy little underbellies, and their tiny fingers (or whatever they’re called) suctioned to my window.  Outside on my lawn, they’re cute; hanging on my window, they’re strange.




17.  In My Fridge



  Prompt:  In My Fridge.  Probably not a lot different than most folks’ fridges, eh?

18.  Price



  Prompt:  Price.  The price for the iced tea I grab on my way to class each day.

19.  Underneath




  Prompt:  Underneath.  The shade underneath my table umbrella.

20.  Man Made



  Prompt:  Man Made.  Man made, and now, apparently, man repaired. 








21.  Sometimes



   Prompt:  Sometimes.  Some “normal” pumpkins, and some ornamental ones.





22.  Up




   Prompt:  Up.  One of the rides at the fair, up in the air and upside down.  Brian thought it looked cool.  Me, I don’t ride rides, and certainly not ones that leave me hanging upside down a couple of stories in the air.  I did offer to wait patiently while he rode, but he declined.









And, just a couple of pics from the rest of the week . . .

As I mentioned Friday, my son celebrated his 21st birthday this week.  It’s been a long time since he enjoyed having his picture taken, but he let me snap a couple in honor of the occasion.  (Oh, and that’s his new birthday present he’s playing with there; he’s not just ignoring me!)

Billy 21                  IMG_1522                       Billy 21 cake

A few shots from the fair . . .

DSC03487            DSC03489




   These little piggies were only two days old. 




More unusual pumpkins.






And some beautiful Clydesdales. 



















And, lastly, remember those cinnamon rolls I told you about last week?  And how I told you I’d have another this week?  I wasn’t lying!  Doesn’t it look yummy?

Now, I really must go to bed so that I may get up early tomorrow morning and hit the books.  Have a good week, everyone.