Monday, September 3, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #5


Wow, I can’t believe it’s Snapshot Sunday again already.  In truth, it’s just after midnight, so really, I’m running a little late for the thing, but what’s a couple of hours between friends?

I’ve had a pretty decent weekend.  The whole family was over yesterday to visit, play board games, and watch some Sooner football.  And, today was just a lovely lazy day.  Napped, had some quesadillas, watched the season premiere of Doctor Who from last night—not bad, as Sundays go.  I even squeezed in just a tiny bit of homework, but not very much.  It’s been nice not to worry about it too much for the weekend, but that means tomorrow is going to have to be a buckle down type of day to get a lot of reading done.  But that’s okay; it was worth it.

Okay, on to the daily photos . . .

26.  Dream



  Prompt:  Dream.  My dream, maybe having a dream of his own.








27.  Tap



  Prompt:  Tap.  Nothing but the kitchen sink, with a little bit of HDR action edited in for fun.

28.  Clock


  Prompt:  Clock.  Tuesday evening, done with school for the night.

29.  Down

  Prompt:  Down.  The birds are down to the last little bit of seeds.  I have to confess, this is my least favorite pic this week.  My practice is usually to snap several photos throughout the day that go with the theme, and then use whichever one I feel best about.  I took this one pretty much first thing in the morning, but then ended up mostly living on my couch the rest of the day, so it was the only one I ended up with.  Still, thank goodness I started early, eh?

30.  Card


  Prompt:  Card.  Or, in this case, cards.  And some of my favorite kind, too—the kind you can spend.





31.  Hidden


  Prompt:  Hidden.  Confession time:  I didn’t take this picture this week; it was earlier in the summer.  But I love it so much, I just had to use it.  I was out on the patio one day, just going to kick back and enjoy the sunshine, and when I pulled the chair over to stretch my legs out on it, I saw this little frog hiding in the fold of the cushion.  I thought it was adorable.




So that’s that, the final week of August Photo a Day.  September has started, and you can find the prompt list here if you’d like to play along.

There wasn’t a whole lot of other picture taking going on this week, but I do have a couple:

Bird Bath 2





  A couple of birds cooling off in the bath.










And a short video of the splashing around.  As a warning, leave the sound muted.  I didn’t add a music track, and you can hear the annoying focusing of the camera.  But it’s cute to watch.




Blue Moon Collage

                         And, lastly, this year’s blue moon, both the natural version and the edited for fun one.

And there you have it, my week in pictures.  I hope yours went well, and that the upcoming week is even better.  Whatever you’ve got in store, take a minute to snap a few pictures as you go about your daily routine.  There’s nothing better than a little creativity break to make everything a bit more fun.