Friday, November 1, 2013

Wherever it Points


So, fifteen or sixteen hours ago, when I was driving to work, I had grand ideas of what to blog about today.  Alas and alack, the very long day has sucked all the creativity and chattiness right out of my head.

But, before my day began to drag into eternity, I heard a song on the radio this morning that really struck a chord with me, so I will share it with you tonight before I head off to bed (without even watching tonight’s episode of White Collar, I might add, so you know I’m dragging!). 

Anyway, the song might be a little too laid back to call an anthem, but I’d say it could at least serve as a perfectly solid theme song for being yourself.  In these days of anger and divisiveness and bullying, I like to see folks carrying the banner for the idea that it’s okay for people to just be themselves.  Now, if only we could get everyone to agree with that.