Friday, November 8, 2013

Facebook Friday, November 8


My friend, Judy, shares a lot of things on Facebook that I really enjoy.  She’s one of those virtual friends that I so wish I could have the opportunity to meet face to face, because we so clearly have so much in common.  The video I’ll share with you today is yet another item that appeared on my FB feed courtesy of Judy.

As I know I’ve said at least a few times before, I dream of a world where people are all accepted for exactly who they are, though there certainly are times I despair of that dream ever becoming a reality.  I know that’s a dream Judy shares, too.  But, I won’t bore you with a lot of my blatherings today, I’ll simply let Ash Beckham tell you how she views things, and about just a few of the similarities that we all share.  I think if enough of us can begin to recognize and accept these similarities, we just might get to the point where speeches such as this one will no longer be necessary.

Oh, and for the record, like a lot of other really cool things, this was being shared via Upworthy.