Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Season Five, Coming Soon


In the intervening week since the last Tube Day Tuesday, USA Network has finally come out with the answer I’ve been waiting on:  White Collar returns on October 17!

Really, I don’t think there’s much else I need to add to that joyful news; I’m just beyond thrilled.  At first, I was sure I’d have to wait until November for new episodes, so a few extra weeks early makes me very happy.  It even helps take a little bit of the edge off the earlier-released information that there would be fewer episodes in this upcoming season.  Not because WC is doing poorly, or anything like that, but because its creator, Jeff Eastin, has another show on USA right now, too—Graceland.  In order to accommodate both schedules, something had to give.  And I even understand that the well-established program is the logical one to have to give up a little bit, even though I’m not thrilled with it.  So I’m glad to have happier news of a confirmed return date.

Oh, and in even earlier news, a few weeks back, they also released the street date for season 4 DVDs, and presented the cover art work.  The DVDs are coming out October 8, which probably should have been my clue that the show would return to the air earlier than I thought—ever since the first season, they’ve been very good at releasing the DVD sets just a week or so prior to the show’s return.  Glad to see they’re holding true to form on that one.

As for the cover art, I was very happy with that bit of news, too. 

For the first time, the cover will feature both characters, rather than just Neal.  About time!  I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to figure out that Peter Burke brings as much to this show as his partner.  Still, better late than never.

And that’s all the White Collar news for today.  If you want to get a peak at the upcoming season five, too, just check out the promo below.

And mark those calendars for October 17.