Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Minor Rant




I’ve never been one of those folks to get on the “big brother” kick.  If “they” (whoever they may be) want to put cameras at all the intersections to make it easier to catch folks with traffic violations, I’m not too worked up about it.  Sure, it’s lazy police work, but maybe it saves a few bucks.  GPS tags in license plates?  Well, I’m not sure exactly why they would need that, but I’m not going anywhere I’d be ashamed to be found, so I don’t have any real privacy privacy objection to it. 

Even in my computer browsing, I don’t take a lot of steps to hide my history, or block cookies, or anything along those lines.   But, here’s something that bothers me:  those targeted sponsored posts on Facebook.  You know the ones, they’re about some product or service that you were just browsing for in another window.  Like I said, I’m not doing anything I’m ashamed of—not even on the web—but that doesn’t mean I want people poking around in my search history just to try and sell me something.  It seems like that crosses a line that ought not to be crossed, even for me.  It might not be exactly “big brother”, but it does seem awfully rude.