Monday, August 12, 2013

Happiness Is


A while back, I was browsing through a list of prompt ideas, just looking for something that might strike my fancy.  As is often the case when looking at those sorts of things, something I read sent me off on some sort of tangent and I found myself something to write about, even though it wasn’t something on the list. 

But, there were several of the actual prompts that had sort of intrigued me, and I kept thinking I should go back and address them specifically, and today seems like as good a day as any to deal with one of them.



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Prompt: Describe what happiness means to you in 100 words

At first, I thought maybe the easiest way to answer this prompt would be a simple list of 100 single-word things that make me happy, and I’ll admit that the idea held some allure.  But even with a hundred individual items, there would undoubtedly be something really important that I’d leave off (yes, that many things make me happy), and that doesn’t seem fair.

So, to smash it down into one or two basic thoughts, I’ll say that happiness is having the things you need, dreaming of the things you want, and family and friends to share it all.