Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting it Done


“I am definitely going to take a course on time management... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.”  ~Louis E. Boone

This quote makes me laugh; I think it pretty much sums up the way we live our lives these days.  I worked my butt off for the last two semesters so that this final term of school I would have an easy schedule.  And I do—only six hours.  I do still have to be on campus four days a week—which really sucks, by the way—but it still feels like a pretty easy workload compared to the nine hours I just finished in summer school or the eighteen I packed in back in the spring.

But, of course, rather than trying to kick back and enjoy the relative ease of the schedule, I’m filling my time with other things.  Phi Theta Kappa always needs something, and now we’re trying to get the Paralegal Student Association (PSA( up and running.  Today and tomorrow we’ve got campus-wide back to school activities, so I took a long lunch and ran over to the campus to help support my clubs, then hurried back to work to finish up some actual work, then rushed back to campus for tonight’s class.  Then, a quick trip to the gym before heading home.  And I’ll do it all again tomorrow, with the added pressure of an important motion that has to be put on file before the day is over.

Wednesday I’ll take my normal lunch hour to drive over to the school and talk to a new group of students about the paralegal club and then Thursday I imagine I’ll have to work through lunch to make up some time.  Finally, Friday will roll around and then it will be time for the Back to School Mixer the PSA is sponsoring. 

Then, by the weekend, I figure I’ll have the first round of homework to churn out, just so I can drop into bed Sunday night to get ready to do it all again, only the details will change.  I’m not sure when life became so busy, but I’m not sure I entirely approve, even if most of the business is of my own making.

Heading off to bed now, while there are still a few minutes left in Monday.