Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School


Week one of the fall semester is in the books.  And none too soon, seeing as how I’m sitting here now barely able to keep my eyes open.  I just have to glance at my task list to know that I’ve been busy, and I’ve still got plenty of items left to occupy my time for a while yet.  But, this final day was a pretty good culmination of the rest of the week.

I think I have mentioned that we’re re-launching the paralegal club at our school.  It hasn’t been active for several years now, so we decided it’s time to do something about that.  We kicked off with a “mixer”, giving the students a chance to get know each other, mingle with the professors, and eat some free food.  What better way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday night? 

I have to say that I would never have thought getting a school club up and running could be such an ordeal, but it certainly has not been a walk in the park.  And who knew a smallish community college could have so much bureaucracy?  But we persevered, and the Paralegal Student Association officially got under way tonight. 

Not that everything went off without a hitch—does anything, ever?  In fact, I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons schools encourage such organizations is so the students get some practice dealing with the frustrations of committees and red tape and things that just don’t go as planned, you know, part of a well-rounded education to prepare for the real world.  Yet another advantage of returning to school so late in life is that I’ve been dealing with all that real world nonsense for years.  You wouldn’t think that would be something to brag about, but the strangest things can come in handy sometimes. 

So, we had our launch party, and everyone seemed to have a pretty good time—good enough that they were willing to commit to coming back for a chapter meeting in a couple of weeks, so things are off to a pretty good start.  I think we can be proud of ourselves, knowing that this busy week was an overall success, and that we’re well-positioned to continue to succeed going forward.

Now, where’s the rest of that list?