Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday, May 8


Well, activity-wise, this has been a pretty crappy week.  And the new week isn’t starting off any better, since I’m sick today, so slept a solid 12 hours last night, dozed off and on a couple more after that, then dragged myself to class and made a bee line back to the couch when I got back home.  I’ve got three more assignments to get finished up—hopefully by Friday at the latest—so I can devote a good chunk of the weekend to preparing for next week’s finals.  I seriously have no time to be sick.

Oh, and on Saturday I am supposed to participate in a Color Me Rad event.  People usually refer to these things as a “run”, but since I intend to walk it, “event” works just fine for me.  I hope I get some energy back between now and then.  Brian is sick right now, too, and he was supposed to walk along on the outside of the course and take pictures, so I hope he’s up to it, too.

However, even with almost zero activity, I did manage to lose half a pound last week.  Is that anything to brag about?  No, not really.  But it is the first downward motion I’ve seen in a while, so I’ll take it.

Also on the weight front, the internet is abuzz with news out of the Abercrombie & Fitch camp that the CEO is perfectly comfortable with the idea of excluding large size women from wearing his brand and discriminatory hiring practices.  Charming.  I’m not sure we’re ever going to teach kids to be kind to others when we’ve got these kind of adults running loose.






40 jumping jacks, 20 crunches



50 jumping jacks, 15 min fitdesk



55 crunches, 30 min dancing, 10 lunges



10 jumping jacks, 10 lunges












weight loss wednesday 1-23-13







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