Monday, May 13, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, May 12


Well, the day almost got away from me without a blog post.  In fact, I was just about to shut everything down and go to bed early for once when something clicked into my brain that I still had something left to do.  In truth, there’s still plenty I could be doing, primarily studying for my upcoming finals.  I think I’ve got a fairly solid grip on most of the classes, but I still have an awful lot of material to review.  And most of tomorrow will be centered around one single class, as my first exam tomorrow evening is the one class I am least confident of finishing out with an A.  I know it really shouldn’t be about the grades—and for the most part it really isn’t—but there’s no denying I’d prefer an A to anything else.  And while most of my classes will be fine as long as I manage a C or D on the final, in this one, I’ve got to have a pretty strong B.  So cross your fingers for me, would you?

Anyway, what photos do we have?  Well, it was Mother’s Day today, so I guess we’ll start with a little something for that.  Billy had to work all day, so Brian and I took Granny out for lunch this afternoon.  (Billy did at least call on a break to wish me a happy day, so I’m glad of that, at least.)  We went to my favorite restaurant, which—oddly enough—would not have been my first choice for today, but you can never go wrong with good Mexican food.  And it was good, too; even Granny ate well, which is not always a guarantee.  But, no photos of the food, but I do have a pic of her at home, posing with her Mother’s Day flowers.

Granny Mothers Day 5-12-13

   I think she liked them.  And she said the vase was really pretty, too.  And I have to agree; I thought it was pretty nice.  It’s actually pinker (more pink?) than it appears in the picture, but pink or purple, I liked it.

  And, of course, you know I couldn’t keep the photos of yesterday’s color run to myself, right?  I made the walk with one of my PTK brethren, and we had a good time.  The weather was just about perfect, which is always nice if you’re going to be outside.  The course was set up at the fairgrounds, which isn’t exactly scenic, but at least that made for mostly decent pathways.  We even broke into a wog (that’s a walk-jog, you know) a time or two, though mostly we just kept a pretty good walking pace. It’s an untimed event, designed for fun, but I was glad to finish it in about 55 minutes.  That’s significantly quicker than I had anticipated, and not all that much slower than last summer when I was actually working on the C25K program.  Which really doesn’t say as much about my walking speed as it does my running speed, but still.

Anyway, it was fun.  And, though I’ve seen plenty of pictures from color runs from all over the country, I have to say that I was still unprepared for the sheer amount of mess.  First of all, I had color in places I would have sworn were well protected.  And, second, I’m two showers in by now, and I’m pretty sure there are parts of me that still aren’t clean.  The bad part is that by the time you get most of it off, it’s the bluish-purple dye that sticks around, so you sort of look like you’ve been beaten, or something.  I’m glad the still-stained parts of me are hidden

Anyway, here are a few photos so you can see how we go from splendidly clean to . . . not.  Oh, and then there’s a picture of me in the car on the way home, wrapped up like a mummy in towels because Brian didn’t want me to get the stuff all over his car!

Color Me Rad 5-12-13

And that’s about all the photo ops from this past week.  We’ll see what next week holds.