Friday, May 17, 2013

Done! (For Now)


Schools out 5-16-13

  Whoo-hoo!  The long semester is finally over!  It’ll be a few days before the last of the grades are posted, but I’m pretty confident I’ve managed to pull As from each of the classes.  The one I was most worried about turned out fine (thank goodness for prompt instructors who post final grades quickly and put students out of their misery), and I think the others were strong enough that even if I totally bombed the finals—which I hopefully did not—the grade should survive. 

  Either way, I’m just glad to be done with it all.  Come fall, I’m sure the then me will be grateful to the now me for sucking it up and getting those classes out of the way this spring, but there were times it seemed like quite the ordeal.  And this summer, I’ll crank out a few more so that my final semester can be light and easy and let me concentrate on putting it all together and preparing to go out into the working world.  It’s a good plan, but it means not much of a break.  18 days, to be exact, so I have to decide how best to spend them.

Of course, I’ll have to devote some time to working through the DVR queue.  I wouldn’t be living up to my title of TV Junkie if that wasn’t at least part of my plan, right?  And besides cleaning off the DVR, I probably need to clean out my car, do some laundry, and clean up my studying area.  In fact, now that I think about it, I should probably tackle my study area first, so there are at least a few days of cleanliness before it gets all cluttered up again.

I’ve also got some PTK business to attend to at least for the next few days, so that will keep me occupied for a bit.  And my professor that wants help with the paralegal club says she might want to do some work in this break before summer classes begin, so I’m probably not entirely done with school stuff, even for these 18 days.  And, of course, sometime around day 16 or so, I probably ought to crack open the new books and take a peek at what’s coming up.

Other than that, my only big plan is to also do a bit of straightening up in my exercise room and find a way to get back into a fitness routine.  There’s still room to work out in there, sort of, and I’ve even managed some simple things a time or two in its current condition, but it’ll be much easier to stay motivated if I don’t have to squeeze into a tiny little spot to do what needs doing.  Though, the truth is, that probably won’t happen until Monday.  Tomorrow is one of the days I need to devote to PTK, so I’ll throw a roast in the crockpot tomorrow morning then head up to school.  And this weekend . . . oh my gosh, I almost forgot!  This weekend—Sunday—I’ll be seeing the new Star Trek movie!  Brian’s work schedule wouldn’t allow us to get to a showing on Friday, and Saturday we’ve got family plans, so it’ll be Sunday before I can get there, but there I will be.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing my thoughts about it soon enough.

So, those are my plans for my semester break.  Once I write it down like that, it doesn’t really sound like all that much of a break, but I forgot to mention one very important task: naps.  There will be lots of time for naps, and maybe even out in the nice spring sunshine, if I’m very lucky.  Because, really, what’s school break without naps?