Friday, May 10, 2013

Good Day


Good morning to you all.  It’s just about 2:00am as I sit down to write this, and I can barely keep my eyes open, so you’ll understand if it’s a bit brief, right?

Mostly I just wanted to take a minute to comment on the fact that sometimes you just feel right with the world.  My sister posted on Facebook a day or so ago about the list of little things that went right in her world that day (friendly cashiers, good conversations, and the like), and it’s nice to just have an easy day now and again.  (I will say, on the downside, I’ve still got some crud, but the cold medicine helps keep it at bay—especially the night time stuff, which is part of why I can barely keep my eyes open!)  But, about the good stuff . . .

Today I met an old work friend for lunch.  I’m trying to remember if I’ve even seen her since I left my job—over a year ago now—and I think the answer is no.  We’ve talked a time or two, and she’s on my Facebook, so we’re sort of in touch, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually been in her presence since about February of 2012.  She was pregnant then, and now her baby is almost nine months old.  Wowser. 

Anyway, the point is, we had a really nice lunch, just chatting and catching up.  It would’ve been nice to linger a while longer, but it was a lunch break for her and I was on my way to class, but the 75 minutes or so we shared were really nice.

Then I wrapped up regular classes for the semester—nothing left but finals now.  There were a few times this semester that I doubted my sanity for carrying 18 hours, and I wasn’t always sure I was going to make it through, so there’s a sense of accomplishment to be coming out the other side.  I even turned in my last three assignments tonight, even though only one of them was due now.  I’m just ready to put the normal class routine behind me and clear my mind to prepare for exams.

We got grades back today from one of our regular exams that we took last week, and I aced it.  It was pretty short, and only a few points, but it’s from an instructor that I’m never quite sure what she’s after—even with what seem to be straight-forward questions—so that was a nice relief.

Another of my instructors asked me to help her get the flagging paralegal club back on its feet next semester, so that’s a nice vote of confidence and will be something interesting to do. 

I saw some cute fuzzy baby geese today.  They’re so adorable.  Also, a couple of cute things on Facebook (and hardly any annoying stuff, which is really the key). 

Oh, and lest I forget, Criminal Minds was finally officially renewed, with the entire cast returning for another season  Yay!

It really doesn’t take much to have a good day; sometimes I think we just need to slow our minds down a bit so that we can recognize it.

Here’s wishing you a day where you sail through life and all is right with the world.