Monday, April 22, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, April 21


It’s been another busy weekend for me:  Phi Theta Kappa new member induction ceremony yesterday, then a quick drive (well, a couple of hours) up the turnpike to Tulsa for my friend, Kim’s, wedding shower.  And you know women can talk a lot when we get together, so it wasn’t exactly an early night.  Tackled a bit of contract homework, then crashed at Kim’s for the night.  We had a nice, leisurely brunch this afternoon (after I spent a leisurely morning in bed doing more homework), then I drove back home to—you guessed it—even more homework.  The contracts have been submitted, but an exciting application for temporary orders await me next, once I hit publish on this post.

Anyway, while I have some photos from yesterday’s events, and even a couple of bird photos from this week, I’ve decided that this week’s edition of Snapshot Sunday isn’t going to be so much photos as videos.  And, not so much mine as pulled off of YouTube. 

You see, in this week of national turmoil, there have been some moments of unity that were heartwarming to witness, and I think they’re worth sharing.  And, even if you’ve seen them already, maybe they’re even worth seeing again.  Not surprisingly, given our national fascination with sporting events, that’s where these moments take place.  But, even if you’re not a sports fan, these really aren’t about baseball (or hockey); they’re about people coming together and shouting to the world that the American spirit cannot be crushed, and that’s definitely a message worth hearing.


  New York Yankees pay tribute to their arch-rivals Boston Red Sox by playing the traditional Boston stadium song.






National Anthem at the Boston Bruins game.









  Neil Diamond himself shows up to lead the fans in the traditional Sweet Caroline.



And, finally, David Ortiz speaks a few words to the Boston faithful and strikes a chord.  Warning: even with a bit of an accent, it falls into the NSFW category.

If none of those made you cheer or tear up—or maybe both—just a bit, there’s no hope for you except endless fuzzy kitten videos. 

Wishing you all a good night, and sending a small prayer that things continue to improve in Boston and Texas, and that the entire country has a better week.