Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Force is Strong


Taking a break from television tonight to have a brief fan-girl moment over feature films. 

Today it was officially announced that the original cast from Star Wars will be reprising their roles in the upcoming Episode VII.  Go ahead; squee with me!

Sure, it’s been the talk of rumors for quite a while, but sometimes the things fans want have a way of turning into those rumors, even when there’s zero basis in truth.  I’m glad to see this one actually came to fruition.  Not that I’m expecting the original folks to be the actual focus of the film, that would probably be asking too much.  But I’m expecting something more than a cameo, and I hope I’m not disappointed in that.

Of course, it is still over a year and a half before we get to stroll into a theater and see what the next installment might bring, but I’m excited to know that we’ll be getting to see some familiar faces in the mix.

The cast of "Star Wars: Episode VII" unites well-known "Star Wars" names with some up-and-coming actors. At least one cast member, Daisy Ridley, is so new she has just a few acting credits to her name. You can see her in the back right of this cast photo, wearing a necklace and talking to "Star Wars" veteran Carrie Fisher. Here's who she'll star with: