Monday, April 21, 2014

I’m Tired Already


It’s kind of amazing how you can go from a slow-moving, not much to do week to an OH MY GOSH, I’LL NEVER GET IT ALL DONE week in just the space of a few hours. 

I’ve been planning a trip to Orlando with my PTK peeps for a few months now (really, just the possibility of being able to make this trip was one of the factors last year when I was considering whether or not to take more classes this semester!), but with the blood clot and the hospitalization and all, lately I’d been preparing myself for the idea that I probably would not be able to go.  Consequently, I have not been getting ready to go.  Like packing.  Or even laundry. 

So when my doctor cleared me today to travel, I was both elated and just a little bit panic-stricken.  Then, I looked more closely at my class schedule and realized that homework I thought was due next week is actually due tomorrow, which means that the quiz that follows that homework is also due this week rather than next.  Panic isn’t even the right word.

And, add to that the fact that the trade-off for not having to drive myself to the airport tomorrow and leave my car there all week (and pay ridiculous parking fees), is that Brian has to take me to work tomorrow before he goes to his own job, which means I have to be at work about an hour early.  After being there two and a half hours late today. 

All of this means I will be going in to my fun-filled trip already at a sleep deficit, so I should be completely wiped out by the time I return home Sunday evening.  If I was heading off anywhere but the Land of Mickey, I’d give serious consideration to just calling the whole thing off, but turning down a free trip to Florida?  Nah, I don’t think I can do that.

So, dream of me tonight, since I won’t be getting much sleep of my own, and I’ll wish upon a star for you once I get where I’m going.