Monday, May 12, 2014

Money Can’t Buy It All


In the random news of the day, apparently Casey Kasem has disappeared—or, at least, his kids don’t seem to know where he is.  Apparently they are estranged from Kasem’s current wife, and believe that she may have moved him somewhere to deliberately keep them apart.   A judge has intervened in the family drama, and ordered an investigator to locate Kasem. 

Besides being sad to the young me that cherished the weekly countdown, it’s also a sad reminder that it doesn’t really matter if you’re famous or rich; none of us are guaranteed our health, nor a family that cares enough to always make the best decisions when we are unable to care for ourselves.  

Kasem has been ill for a while, requiring constant care, and may not even be fully aware of everything that’s going on.  But, I have to believe that he’d be better if all those who love him were able to visit with him, so I’m praying for a positive outcome for him, and his family.