Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happily Married

I hope it doesn’t make me a terrible person if I say that sometimes being married can be a drudgery.  To be clear, though, that has nothing to do with not loving my husband or wanting to be with other people or anything like that.  But being married—or being in any relationship, I suppose—has some responsibilities that go along with it, and sometimes—just every once in a while—I think it would be nice to have only myself to think about.

But, knowing that I can sometimes feel that way is what makes most of the other times so much better, and today was a good reminder of that. 

The area’s annual art festival is running this week, and attending is a tradition for my husband and me.  Well, honestly, it’s a tradition for me; he goes along because he knows I enjoy it.  I have always been fairly certain that any time I decide I’ve had enough of it, he won’t be badgering me to carry on the visits.  Anyway, like most folks, we typically do those sorts of fun activities on the weekends, but we’re expecting rain Sunday (the last day of the show), which means a pretty good probability that Saturday the place is going to be even more packed than usual.  So, I suggested hubby take Friday off work and we could enjoy the day and beat the crowds.  And guess what?  He agreed!

So today we went to the Festival of the Arts.  We looked at paintings, photographs, and sculptures, talking about what we liked and what didn’t really appeal to us.  We ate some festival food, and went through several bottles of water just to beat the heat.  Then we headed further downtown for dinner, and finally took a stroll along the OKC canal.  It was a really nice day.

So, yeah, maybe sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the monotony and annoyances of day to day life and start to feel like marriage is weighing me down.  But then a day like today comes along—in many ways just as commonplace, even though it isn’t—and then I remember all the reasons I married him to begin with.  It’s nice to get that kind of reminder.