Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Moment of Thanks

It's Thanksgiving today, and I always like to take a few minutes to give conscious thought to the things that I am thankful for.  Sometimes I write it down, sometimes I don't, but I thought this year could be a time that I do.  So, without further ado, here are some of the things that I think make my life worthwhile, though the list is by no means all inclusive.

  • My family.  It's true that many of the trials and tribulations in my life--and all of my true heartbreak-- are caused by relatives, but so too is the vast majority of my true joy.  I always think it's a worthwhile trade.
  • Friends.  These people are the family I've chosen, and I can't imagine life without them.
  • Health.  It's not like I'm an athletically fit physical specimen or anything, but I do have basic health and well-being, and I know that there are many who do not have even that.
  • A job.  On a day to day basis, my job makes me crazy and causes an unrealistic amount of stress.  But, it also pays my bills and allows me to live my life.  I'm grateful that I'm one of the lucky ones who get to have that kind of stress and craziness.
  • My fitbit.  What, you say, is a fitbit?  My new best friend.  It's a little gadget that's helping me stay focused on my weight loss goals this year.  The simple answer is that it's a pedometer, but it's so much more. I love it, and I really appreciate the friends I've found on their website.
  • Vacation this year.  It had been a long time since Brian and I really took a vacation, but we had a doozy this summer.  The Alaskan cruisetour was the trip of a lifetime, and I cherish the memories.
  • The BC Clarke jingle.  I've been hearing it my whole life, and it's how I know the holiday season has officially begun.  It most always makes me smile and sing along, and the first time of the year--like this morning--always gives me just a little rush of excitement.
  • Computers.  Those little wonders can do a lot of things, from surfing the web to writing a book or calculating a budget.  Cool.
  • The future.  Of course, none of us ever know what the future holds, or even how much of it we'll be granted, but I do appreciate knowing it's out there for now, and I'm grateful for the simple gift of wondering what it will be like and hoping for all good things.
I hope everyone takes at least a few minutes today away from the bustle of things to do and all the yummy food, and really thinks about the things they cherish in life.