Monday, May 3, 2010

Week One: Done

It's been seven days since I vowed I was making some physical changes in my life, and I've gotten through the first week on track.  Still under the weather today, so no exercising again (I'm hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon), but I'd still consider it a success.

This morning, the scale shows 4.5 pound loss-- yay, me!  Now, if you'll remember (as I certainly do) three of that was very recent gain from too much splurging, but I'll still take it.  Of course, at 1.5 pounds lost per week, I'll actually miss my goal by 4 pounds, but I'm pretty sure there'll be some weeks I can crank it up and lose two or three real pounds.  That is certainly my plan.

Oh, and I forgot to measure last week, so I've only just done that today.  We'll see how that goes, especially in my legs, which are totally untoned.  And, in addition to more activity, I've also gotten a pair of those Shape Up shoes, that are supposed to help tone you just by walking in them.  We shall see.

All in all, I'd consider this a good start.  On to week two.